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Notebooks are generally considered to be the same as laptops, but with subtle yet obvious characteristics between the two, are you able to spot the differences? Well, if you are not familiar with notebook technical properties you are definitely not alone! Infact there are many notebook owners who believe their computer is a laptop and vice versa. So, let us demistify the notebook versus laptop concepts together:

Notebook Technical Properties

  • Light weight and most times ultra light.
  • Longer battery life; typically 4 - 5 hours easily, depending on usage.
  • Minimal support for screen diaplay, relying mostly on internal RAM for graphics display properties.
  • Relies on External CD/DVD Media drives, non built system.
  • Limited screen sizes; available mostly in 12" - 14" TFT screen sizes.
  • Tiny keyboard buttons and surfaces; very functional considering Black Berry keypads.
  • Low processor power consumption,; typically the case for Celeron/Centrino / Sempron based systems.

Our Computer Services Expertise Cover ALL Laptop & Notebook Models / Brands, including:

Acer laptop repair, Dell, Toshiba repairs, Lenovo notebooks, Alienware laptops, Sony VAIO laptop repairs, Panasonic, Gateway laptop, Patriot repairs, Compaq, Fujitsu Siemens repairs, eMachines, ChromebookAsus laptops, Packard Bell repairs, HP Pavilion, NEC, Advent repairs, Ei Systems, name a few.

Laptop Technical Characteristics

Laptops may include some or all the following:

  • Screen size atleast 14 inches, up to 17 inches - often as TFT widescreen options.
  • Independent Graphics sytems, popular being Nvidia GeForce and ATI Radeon models.
  • Internal DVD-ROM or DVD-RW drive.
  • Spacious keyboard with full functions.
  • At least 3 hour+ battery life, again depending on use.
  • Hardware upgrade highly possible; somewhat more likely than in notebooks.
  • Integrated modem, network, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities.
  • High performance processors (dual and quad cores) with AMD / Intel Centrino Mobile.

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