Local Area Network (LAN) Setup & Support

Local Area Network Setup for Wireless network and cable based netwok infrastructure from Solid Rock IT UK. Maybe you have a few computers that need to be connected together for easy file access or folder sharing without requirements for a Network Server solution and need help.

We can help you with all Network Setup for Workgroup networks and Server based environment. If you need help with home or office network setup and data security is important to you, then we are available and more than happy to help.

Small Business Network Setup & Support

Small businesses with more than one computer may need a network environment to reduce storage complexity and the reduction technical aministration efforts caused by multiple files of the same type and improved efficiency.

We are experts in network setup and our support engineers are technically savvy to help you implement and maintain an efficient network environment.To find out how we can help you with business networking, get an Office Network Quote, or call us on 07951 878 703 today.

Network Setup & Support for Home Network

Solid Rock IT UK also offer network setup for Home Office Network environment, including the installation and proper setup of security software. Installing security software is the first part to ensuring your environment is protected, but it may sometimes be necessary to carry out additional security software tuning activties to make sure the correct level of system access is available.

Putting suitable measures in place is an effective way for preventing aunauthorised prying, especially from outsiders and we are here to help you identify and protect against intrusion and security risks.

Get your Home Network Quote, or simply call us now on 07951 878 703 today.