How Do I Find the Model Number of My Laptop, Computer, Notebook or Apple Mac Serial Number?

On Windows computer, laptop or Apple Mac the model should be easily identified, but in some cases it can be slightly difficult. On most laptops and notebooks, this detail can be seen at the bottom right hand side of the screen or near the speaker to the right of your unit. Where the model is not viewable, you may have to check the small label - sticker- on the back or side of your desktop PC or beneath your laptop.

In most cases, the serial number is not required for computers or laptops services, just the model number will do. The request for serial number detail is more specific to Apple Mac products.

Finding the Model Details by Using Menu Options

You can also check the model of your computer, laptop or notebook by following a few quick non-technical steps. On windows based systems, here's what you need to do:
Select Start ==> My Computer ==> Right click ==>Properties.

For those who are slightly mode technically savvy, simply roll up your sleeve and follow these quick and easy steps. When you are ready, do this:
Select Start ==> Run ==> Then Enter Dxdiag. "System Model" is then displayed, and amongst the information diplayed is also model number details that is the specific for your Computer, Laptop or Notebook.

Apple Mac Serial and Model Number, How to Find This Information?

On Apple Mac Computers and Laptops, the serial and model number can be located by selecting the "Apple Icon" on the top left, then choosing "About this Mac" ==> More Info. This is your Apple Macintosh Model and Serial Number details.

Alternatively as shown by the image below for the "About This Mac" screen, click on the "Version 10.XXX" (red highlighted area) TWO TIMES to reveal your Mac Serial Number. How to Find Mac Serial Number

This detail helps us to determine the required hardware and software components suitable for undertaking your Mac Laptop or desktop repairs.

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