The Benefits of Whole Home Wifi Network Solutions

wifi installers londonThere are growing reasons for having a properly working wireless network in your business or home and many residential customers are already embracing this trend.

Having the best wireless network solutions for whole home coverage and reliable connectivity within the office is no longer left to chance but a now a "must-have". When was the last time you went a week without needing to connect a wireless enabled device to the network? 

Let’s take a closer look at what is whole home WIFI and the possible benefits for business and residential wireless network users.

At a high level, some of the more popular whole home WiFi systems typically have a router provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) along with some kind of booster or access point modules setup within your home office or residential property for full WiFi coverage.

In essence, whole home wireless makes it possible for all of these wireless network devices to broadcast a single wireless network name (also known as SSID) and password instead of multiple versions of these as was common in the past.

This makes it possible to have the same wireless name across your entire property without the need to be jumping from one WIFI SSID to another depending on signal strength, your physical location or both.

Imagine your home network being setup with the latest WiFi hardware and a juicy fibre connection from your ISP (in some places it is possible to get provider fibre broadband speeds of 100 Mbps or higher for your incoming internet connection).

If after having such package within your property and still encountering slow speed or frequent buffering when streaming videos, having meetings or other internet related activities then this could be due to poor WIFI connectivity and nothing to do with your Internet Service Provider.slow wireless speed London

This means if you do call your ISP and confirmed that the speed is fine, you will need the help of a specialist wireless network installation company as your WiFi setup is inefficiently as a whole home WiFi system.


What’s Slowing Down Your Network?

Most WiFi dead spots and poor connectivity are caused by signal interference or physical obstructions such as doors, walls and floors within your home that affects clear signal paths between your router and connected wireless devices.

It is also possible for structures made from concrete metal or brick to limit overall signal strength. In other cases, distance from the router (or boosters within the property) and the size of your home (large homes can suffer quite a lot) are not able to be can have far reaching effects especially when we start to think about massive kitchens, garages and huge garden spaces.


How whole home WiFi systems can extend your Wireless coverage and improve speed?

The increase in technology is demanding greater efficiency from wireless network and connected devices and whole home WiFi systems are not exempted.

Many home users are familiar with the concept of WiFi boosters and powerline adapters. While these are good for improving wireless signals from your router there are limitations are you’ve now come to appreciate given what we’ve been reading above.

Now mesh networking is also rapidly crossing boundaries from being a business / public only benefit to being an available commodity within consumer’s reach.

One of our highly regarded wireless access point is from Ubiquiti, an industry leader for best Home WIFI network installation, availability and coverage.


WIFI Installers London for Home and Business Networks

Solid Rock IT UK are specialist wireless network installers with expert engineers to set up and maintain, your whole home wireless network solution needs. We can design, install and manage your Whole Home WiFi system so you have the best performance and support at your fingertips.

We work with a wide range of industry leading WIFI products that deliver high quality speed and work seamlessly with devices connected to your network infrastructure. 

We’ve helped numerous customers who were struggling with whole home WIFI issues for ages overcome their challenges and start benefitting from high performance and reliability when using bandwidth-intensive applications and cloud services.

If you are looking to build a scalable wireless network or upgrade your network and expand device connectivity while maintaining control and unified management system dashboard, our WIFI installers in London can help with all your needs.

Let Solid Rock IT UK install your business or whole home WIFI and start benefitting from reliable internet experience, simply get in touch  today.

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