Technology Strategy & IT Consultancy

What Are Your Business Technology Challenges?

At Solid Rock IT UK, we help businesses solve strategic technology challenges. Our IT strategy and technology consulting expertise can help executives address critical constraints that could affect digital transformations, project solutions and organisational roadmap requirements.

We offer strategic technology consultancy for IT and digital deliverables through targeted interactions with senior management teams. Our technology strategy approach help businesses identify metrics that are best aligned their vision, value realisation, measurable capability delivery and ROI.


Strategic Technology Solutions and IT Consulting Expertise

Our technology solution and digital transformation expertise include:

  • IT Consultancy for system design and implementation
  • Technology infrastructure and IT architecture platforms
  • Cyber security and GDPR compliance
  • IT project management
  • Cloud migration and adoption
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Email solutions
  • Mobile device management
  • Voice over IP solutions
  • Disaster recovery
  • Online Marketing and eCommerce
  • System Auditing and data backup.

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Why Technology Strategy?

Technology strategy is an overall plan reflecting the objectives, principles and techniques for how technologies will be acquired, implemented and used within your business or home.


Technology is disrupting the way business gets done and it is important that organisations have industry relevant insights that can help them achieve business goals and excel in an ever-changing competitive market.

What IT technology challenges do you need help with? Let's talk today.

Solutions For Your IT Consultancy Needs

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Business Focused IT Consultancy & Strategies


Virtual IT Director

We'll work with you to understand your technology goals and create a roadmap for how to get there. Our flexible virtual CTO consultancy services can help you  with technology assurance and transformation strategies that re aligned to your business and technology roadmap


Project Management

Our IT consultants can help with any stage of your project life-cycle and provide ongoing support for IT projects iniatives. We use a combination of tools, processes, people and technology expertise to help steer your business into the right direction.


Cyber Consultancy

Leverage our cybersecurity consultancy for specific cyber security issues, enterprise compliance and long term threat mitigations. We work closely with your business to implement cyber protection strategies against data breaches, data loss, and cyber attacks.


Office IT Relocation

Benefit from office IT move and infrastructure relocation that reduce system downtime and security challenges. Our  IT relocation consultancy services enables your hardware, technology and systems to remain functional at the other end.


IT Roadmap

We'll help you identify IT technology limitations and operational bottlenecks to strategic solutions and targeted milestones. Our IT roadmap consultancy can help to address IT initiatives at the organization level for technology success.


IT Transformation

Our IT transformation consulting services can help you leverage technology and proven methodologies to embrace the changing digital landscape. We'll help you align your resources and business capabalities for competitive advantage.



IT Consultancy Quote

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