CCTV Installation London

CCTV installation, or closed-circuit television setup allows you to use a single or multiple camera solution to monitor your home or business business in real time, both remotely and while on-site. Closed-Circuit TV is increasingly being used as an effective digital technology solution for intrusion deterrent and protection within numerous businesses and homes globally. 


How Does CCTV Surveillance Solutions Work?

Having CCTV allows you to capture and record video footages as real time content and record them for later reference should the need arise. Having CCTV installed within your property is a strategic move, since it can help you solve criminal cases  quickly and provide material evidence should the need arise. CCTV can also help to protect your property against theft and vandalism. 


CCTV Installation & Maintenace Services London

At Solid Rock IT UK we design, install and maintain CCTV solutions for homes and business needs. Our CCTV solutions help you to leverage  the capabilities of visual security detection and response systems via remote monitoring and onsite tools for improved physical security. We can setup remote monitoring features fro your CCTV solution, so you can easily keep an eye on your property or resources from anywhere in the world - both night and day.

We also offer CCTV systems maintenance with periodic services that keeps your systems functioning properly, mitigate against compromise and  reduce system downtime. We offer a range of security camera solutions that can be tailored to your unique requirements, whether business or home.

We've delivered solutions for CCTV installation and maintenance across a variety of models and brands, including Hikvision, Sannce, Technicolor, Samsung and Honeywell. If you need CCTV solution installation or technology consultancy for a specific stage of security solution project, our team of expert physical security solution engineers are able to help.


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