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Cloud computing enable businesses and home users to store and access software, databases, servers and networking resources that were once only hosted locally via the internet. At Solid Rock IT UK, we help our clients define, design, implement and manage all aspects of their cloud solution, with security at the forefront of everything we do. 

We aim to deliver cloud solutions that are secure, closely-aligned to your business goals and technology roadmap. Working with some of the best cloud providers in the industry, we are specialist in the following cloud solutions on offer:

Cloud Solutions For Your Business


Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is your complete office in the cloud with a range of subscription features including email services and SharePoint. We can manage all aspects of Office 365 for your business needs.


Cloud Backup

Cloud backup provide your business with resilient and secure offsite data storage. We offer cloud solutions that help you to immediately access and store your data wherever you are in the world.


Google Apps

Google Apps is a cloud-based productivity suite for team collaboration and communication. Our Google apps services help your business get things done anywhere in the world and on any device.


Dropbox for Business

Dropbox for Business provide anywhere data access for teams, with granular sharing controls and instant sync. Data can be shared on devices anywhere. Our Dropbox solutions puts you in control.


Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web services is cloud solution for infrastructure (IaaS) and platform (PaaS) as a service. We can help clients implement AWS solutions that are operating system and framework independent.


Managed Web Hosting

Monitoring your online presence and applying the latest updates is essential for keeping your platform operational and secure. Our managed web hosting help to protect your digital assets.



Benefits of Cloud Solutions

  • Cloud Solutions are Cost Effective Open or Close

    Businesses no longer have to purchase equipment and setup networks with significant spending to boost operational capabilities. Cloud solutions generate excellent return on investment within a short time, thereby reducing business overheads.

  • Cloud Solutions Promote Efficient Collaboration Open or Close

    The ability to communicate and share content and resources beyond the borders of traditional methods is a key benefit of cloud solutions. Interaction across multi-locations project environment within a cloud environment provide employees, contractors and third parties with ease of access to the same version of files and documents for increase productivity.

  • Cloud Solution Promote Business Continuity Open or Close

    Cloud solution help businesses protect their data and systems, with effective  strategies for business continuity planning. Data hosted in the cloud can offset impacts resulting from natural disasters, power failure and other unexpected crisis. Cloud solution promote quick data access and the ability to resume business with minimal downtime and loss of productivity.

  • Having Cloud Solution Promote Business Scalability Open or Close

    With cloud solutions, businesses can scale up or scale down storage capacity quickly to meet immediate demands and short term needs, with greater control over usage and flexibility to respond to change. Cloud solution enable you to focus on running your business.

  • Cloud Solutions Facilitate Mergers & Acquisition Timescales Open or Close

    Mergers between companies can be greatly enhanced by cloud solutions with data and system changes being much faster and efficient. Prior to cloud solutions, any M&A activities could run into long duration for application migration and decommissioning activities.

Start Your Cloud Solutions Journey

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