PC Health Check - System Performance Tuning for Windows & Mac Support

When was the last time you had a Mac MOT or PC health check in London to address system performance issues affecting your computer? 

PC health check is an effective approach for boosting slow computer performance, as is the case for Windows computers and Apple Mac that freeze or bahave poorly after some time. 

It is natural for computers to get slow with frequent use and without essential maintenance, your device may experience regular system crashes, performance issues or hardware failures if not treated quickly. Solid Rock IT UK offer full computer health checks for laptops, notebooks, desktop PC and servers across London.

 Mac Full System Health Check

System Performance for PC and Mac Health Check - Windows & Apple Devices

Our full computer and Mac system health check services will optimise your Windows or Macintosh devices, enabling them to operate smoothly, much faster and load applications to "run like a pro". This means you can work smarter and complete pending tasks more quickly, resulting in increased productivity - and positive progression.

Here are some Apple Mac and Windows technical computer performance tuning services we offer as part of our computer system health check solutions for business and home users:

  • Windows registry cleanup
  • Delete temporary files
  • Clear event logs and menu shortcuts
  • Fix macintosh performance issues
  • Tune your applications to work faster
  • Defragment your hard drive
  • Remove spyware, trojans, adwares
  • Remove internet cached files and cookies
  • Repair Mac OS file permissions
  • Internal clean - remove dust & cobwebs


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We can help business and home computer users with secure remote PC health checks and Mac system performance tuning. This mean you can get your computer running quickly again without leaving the the comfort of your home.

When you need professional PC health checks that solves slow computer performance issues, our engineers are readily available when you need it. To get started, simply send us your IT support enquiry using the form below and we'll be happy to you every step of the way.

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We can address your Apple Mac software and hardware repair needs, including operating system problems with reliable Mac Support London services delivered your way.


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Let us setup your new computer, install all software and connect your system to the internet with minimal fuss. Enjoy the speed of your system and clutter-free computer setup.


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We remove viruses from computers and Apple Mac so if yours is infected, help is now at hand to challenge cyber threats and make your system perform better.


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Get expert laptop screen repair near me services while you wait. Our onsite screen replacement service is available across Apple Mac laptop and Microsoft Windows notebook models.


Computer Health Check

Computers often become slow and freezes over time. Our PC health check near me service can defrag your computer or Apple Mac and boost performance to make your system fast again.


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Upgrade your computer memory, hard drive and operating system to make it fast again. Our computer upgrade near me service can refurbish most systems so don't rush to buy one new.

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