Data Recovery Services London

Do you need data recovery services for a faulty hard drive or other types of damaged storage media? At Solid Rock IT UK, we specialize in data recovery services for homes and businesses. 

Our data recovery consultancy is suitable for removable and non-removable storage media, including storage media faults caused by logical failures, mechanical and electrical damages. We recovery data for hard drives running Windows operating system, Mac OS versions and various flavors of Linux.

Hard drives – internal or external - by the nature of their design will all eventually fail and if your data is not backed up, then you will need professional data recovery services. Other storage media types such as solid-state drives (SSD) and USB flash drive - can also fail over time, due to storage media degradation or drive corruption. Get your Apple Machintosh data back with our iMac data recovery experts London solutions for business and homes..

If you have a damaged, failed, corrupted, or inaccessible storage media and need to get your lost data back, then chances are we can help you in critical situations.


File Recovery London - Solutions for Businesses and Homes

Data recovery is part of our comprehensive disaster recovery solutions on offer to business and homes, with services available for:

  • Operating system (OS) corruption and failure data recovery
  • Disk failure data recovery – compromised file system or partition failure
  • Deleted files recovery from your affected storage media
  • Server data recovery services - SQL database, VM Ware image problems
  • RAID Array (redundant array of independent disks) data recovery services.
  • Damaged hard drive data recovery resulting from power surge problems
  • Hard drive data recovery for damages caused by incorrect power source connections
  • Data recovery for files lost as a result of computer system virus attack or malware infection
  • NAS drive data recovery services - failed partitions and hard drive issues.
  • Data recovery for file loss due to improper system shutdown
  • Solid State Drive (SSD) data recovery services 
  • Data recovery for forgotten / lost password or user login details


Removable Media Data Recovery Services

Losing photos, music, videos or important files from your storage media can be frustrating. Now you can have peace of mind with removable media data recovery solutions from Solid Rock IT UK. We offer:

  • SD card data recovery
  • USB data recovery
  • Flash disk data recovery – including MMC, SD and XD cards
  • Portable hard drive data recovery
Branded SD Card Data Recovery Services (Removable Media Recovery)
  • Sandisk SD cards, Transcend SD cards, Lexar SD cards, ATP SD cards, Kingston SD cards, PNY SD cards...etc
  • Removable Media card types data recovery services
  • Mini SD card, Micro SD card, SDHC card, and MMC cards

Let us help you with cost effective data recovery services in London for your mechanical hard drive or solid state technology storage media. To get started, call us now on 07951 878 703.

Get Your Lost Data Back

Overcome hard drive data recovery challenge and get lost data back

We can recover data for most storage media, SSD drives and server storage technologies

Emergency Data Recovery Services London


SSD Data Recovery Services

Flash storage data recovery for solid state hard drives , USB sticks. Get your lost data back, with professional data recovery experts to help you every step of the way.


Laptop Drive Data Recovery

Laptop data recovery service to retrieve your lost or corrupted files from a damaged Windows notebook with software issues or mechanical drive hardware failure.


External Hard Drive Recovery

HDD data recovery service for clicking hard drive, dropped dive or external hard drive with hardware faults. Expert help to get your lost data back.


Apple Mac Data Recovery

Professional data recovery from your MacBook, iMac or MacBook Pro device, including corrupted OS and non-functional Apple Macintosh.


Data Migration & Transfer Services

Data migration services to transfer your data from old hard drives or other storage media to a new target information repository or hard drive.


Database Recovery Services

Expert data recovery across varying database types, including Oracle, SQL and Microsoft Access. Secure database repair and recovery process to restore your data.



Data Recovery Services Enquiry

Data Recovery Services in London for hard drive, RAID Array, NAS, servers, removable media and storage area network (SAN). Specialist data recovery services for businesses and homes. Get your lost data back today. Send us your enquiry using the form below


Data Recovery Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a series of Data Recovery FAQs based on service requests by customers who've lost their data. If you need data recovery for your hard drive, memory stick or other storage media, simply get in touch with us to find out more today.

In most cases, we can recover date from mechanial hard drives with clicking or beeping noise. The quicker the issue is identified and you stop using the drive, the better the chances of getting your lost data back. 

Common signs of hard drive mechanical failures are strange noises such as clicking, buzzing, ticking or grinding sound coming from your storage device.

Since hard drives have a moving or rotating disc then it is important for you to stop using it immediately and seek professional assistance. Trying to self troubleshoot a faulty hard drive can result in undesireable outcomes that could otherwise be avoided.

Clicking noise is common in both the 2.5 inches and 3.5 inches hard drives. The good news is that Solid Rock IT UK data recovery services is available to help business and homes in London and surrounding areas - simply get in touch today.

Data can be lost due to any number of deliberate and accidental circumstances. The largest contributing factor to data loss is hardware or system malfunction.

Based on our experiences it is seen that the biggest data lost for our customers due hardware failures affects laptops, Apple Macs, portable hard drives and memory stocks. These storage media accounts for around 75% of all data recovery service request incidents.

Other reasons include software corruption on hard drives, computer viruses such as trojans, malware, dropping the drives, or unexpected power switch-offs. To a lesser extent, natural disasters such as fire and water damage have been less common data recovery contributors.

Have you lost data recentlyt and if so, what did you do to get your files back?

To get professioanl data recovery in London, simply contact Solid Rock IT UK today.

Depending on the nature of your hard drive issue, some data recovery can be carried out on the same day. In other cases, where the drive failure is more extensive, this could take more than a day to successfully recovery your lost data.

We offer several data recovery service options available, including emergency data recovery service with quick turnaround time. To discuss your specific data recovery requirements simply get in touch for more information.

Data recovery software is designed to perform intensive search of your drive in an attempt to locate lost data and make them recoverable. Most software

Some data recovery applications are very good for corrupted media recovery but not where a hard drive or USB storage had physical issues.

We've seen scenarios where customers have used software programs to successfully recover all of their lost data with guidnace from us via remote support services.

Finally, a good data recovery program should provide you with preview of the recovered files dataset,as well as support filtering and search results features so file can be easily restored when you need to get lost data back.