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View general IT Support and technology solution questions asked by our clients to help them address service requirements and decision making.

Our computer services and IT Support and consultancy services  are available to businesses and home users across London, Surrey, Kent and Essex.

You can call us directly on 07951 878 703 for quick help, or use our IT Support booking form to send us details about your IT services enquiry.

Yes, we no longer carry out services at our workshop. Instead, all services are carried out onsite (at your location), with repairs completed by the IT services engineer there and then.

We have a flexible computer services schedule and in most cases, appointments can either be completed on the same day or via next day onsite visits.

View Computer Services freqently asked for Mac Support and Windows computer repairs by our clients. Let the answers to these questions help you address IT services requirements for effective decision making.

Yes. We offer onsite computer services for office and PC help at home, with appointments scheduled to match your availability and convenience.

In most cases, our engineers are able to complete your computer or laptop repairs on the same day, thereby reducing the need to separate your from your data or taking your device away.

Just so you know, our computer repair services covers all areas across London, so please feel free to call us now on 07951 878 703. For other services:

Restoring data due to virus attack issues is possible in some situations. However, viruses can cause severe damages and permanently delete essential data.

If your data was lost due to virus problems, our Data Recovery Services may be able to restore deleted and other information for you.

Call us now on 07951 878 703 to discuss data recovery solution is the right service for you.

Not necessarily, sometimes your computer or laptop may need a full health check and an IT MOT to clean up useless files and others issues which may cause your system to drag beyond expectations.

Solid Rock IT UK have the techniques and tools to clean up your Computer, Laptop or Apple Mac so noticeable speed and performance is achieved.

Contact us now on 07951 878 703 for professional Computer Services and system health check.

Our laptop repair and computer maintenance services covers a various brands of computers and laptops.

This means that if your laptop is broken or need a IT MOT, we are likely to can fix it for you. We specialise in laptop repairs for well know brand as we well as custom made computers. Here are some of popular laptops brands we repaired to date:

  • Acer Laptop Repairs
  • Dell Laptop Services
  • Toshiba Laptop Fix
  • Lenovo Laptop Maintenance
  • Alienware Laptop Support
  • Sony VAIO Laptop Repairs
  • Panasonic Laptop Fix
  • Compaq Presario Laptop Services
  • Ei System Laptop Repairs
  • Fujitsu Siemens Laptop Fix
  • eMachines Laptop Services
  • Asus Laptop Repairs
  • Packard Bell Laptop Support
  • HP Pavilion laptop Repairs
  • NEC Laptop Services
  • Advent Laptop Maintenance
  • Gateway Laptop Fix
  • Patriot Laptop Services

Most users of computers and laptops will experience liquid spill with problems ranging from simple to serious. Liquid spill problems require urgent attention especially where your laptop or Apple Mac is crucial to day-to-day work or leisure activities.

Solid Rock IT UK repair laptops and computers with liquid spill faults all the time, so we should be able to solve your Apple Mac, notebook or laptop problems too. Liquid spill damages maybe extensive - as in the case of sticky hot liquids, we may recommend hardware changes and in extreme cases a new replacement for your damaged Apple Mac, Notebook or Laptop.

Yes, we can setup your new computer, install all required software and security solutions to make your system safe.

Yes, we can help you resolve issues affecting most applications including like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Sharepoint and specialists programs used for video or audio editing (Final Cut Pro, Logic, and Adobe packages). Whether the issue is simple or complicated, we can diagnose the problem and most times able to resolve system compatibility challenges or corrupted software problems.

View Mac Support freqently asked for Mac Support and covering both hardware repairs and software support requests by our clients. Let answers to these FAQs help you to address IT services requirements for effective decision making.

The Mac Serial Number is a unique identifier that is specific to your Mac. No, two Apple computers  have the same serial number. You will need to provide your Mac's serial number when requesting Mac support, upgrade or repairs.

Your Mac serial number does not reveal any personal information about you, but instead helps Solid Rock IT UK to determine useful specification details to speed up the repair process related to your device specific fault or enquiry.

You will need to provide your Mac's serial number when requesting Mac support or repairs and it is easy to locate this either on the outside of your Mac or when logged into your local computer user account. 

If you are interested in Apple Mac hardware or software upgrade, we use your Mac serial number to  determine the best hard drive, memory type and operating system for your Apple computer. Also, having broken Mac display screen  can be problematic and for customers in need of emergency Apple Mac screen replacement in London, having your Mac serial number to hand helps us to locate the correct screen type and price  for your repair quickly.

If need professional Mac Support in London, contact us now on 07951 878 703. Alternatively, send us your Mac repairs London enquiry and one of our engineers will repond shortly.

To get expert Mac repairs in London and surrounding areas, simply contact Solid Rock IT UK to schedule your remote Mac support or onsite Mac IT help for hardware fault, software issues or technology challenges.

We provide expert Mac support services for older Macs and the newer models, including those with the M1 silicone chip design.

To get started with your scheduled or emergency Mac support in London, simply call us now on 07951 878 703. Alternatively, send us your Mac repairs enquiry and one of our engineers will respond shortly.

The higher Mac with excellent technical specs makes it is easier and much cheaper to upgrade your Mac via expert repairs rather than buy a new Apple computer. Most of the older Mac have fast processors, better keyboard, and more durable screens tha the newer flimsy models that are mostly pretty looks with lots of problems.

Over time you will be using a fast, more robust Mac that doesn't attract high cost for simply issues like broken Apple Mac screen repairs or keyboard replacement. Most of the newer Macs comes with integrated hardware which means replacing the entire logic board for simple hardware faults or buying a new Mac altogether. Some of the older Mac can also be upgraded to Catalina as the latest macOS which will enable you to operate newer software without issues.

To get expert Mac support in London and surrounding areas, simply contact Solid Rock IT UK now, on 07951 878 703.

Yes. We offer Mac battery replacement services across all Apple laptop models running Mac OSX and the newer MacOS versions.

Our engineers can sometimes do same-day battery replacement service for MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro notebooks with built-in batteries.

Let our Apple support specialist visit you and complete your Mac battery replacement onsite.

It doesn't take long to complete your MacBook Pro battery replacement and we're very fast for MacBook Air battery replacement services. Most Apple Mac battery can be replaced while you wait.

 Replacing MacBook battery does not erase data on your laptop, so while there is nothing to worry about, it's always good practice to do a data backup beforehand.

 If you don't replace your Mac battery, it can cause issues, like many rechargeable batteries. Once your batteries start to run it's course, it will begin not to hold a strong charge and will ultimately fail.

Rumors online have it that it is possible for defective battery will throttle the cpu down to a less power hungry speed, but this differs across Apple Mac models and types.

If your Mac is showing the famous "Service Battery" notification, is completely dead or have a swollen battery, simply get in touch with Solid Rock IT UK today for an onsite Mac battery replacement service today.


To get started, simply call us now on 07951 878 703. Alternativel, send us your Mac battery replacement enquiry using the form below and one of engineers will be in touch shortly.

Yes. We have the expertise to carry out Mac repairs for liquid spill MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and MacBook Apple computers, but time is of the essense.

If you have a liqduid damage Mac and need urgenct Mac support in London, in the first instance, quickly switch off your Mac and whatever happens, do not attempt to swicth on your Mac until it is professionally diagnosed.

Where possible, place your Apple Mac computer in the safe standing position and seek professional help quickly.

Water and liquid damage Macbook Pro repair cost can become expensive for situation where you've spilled water on Macbook pro or MacBook Air but the device still appear to work normally then eventually fails.

It is possible for a liquid damage Mac to develop unexpected degrading hardware issues where the symptoms takes time to start show. - this could happen within minutes, hours, days or even longer. We've helped customers with Mac support for liquid damage keyboard, logic board, trackpad and screens, so it's likely that we can help you too. Get in touch to discuss your Mac liquid spill enquiry today.

We offer Mac support in London in London, Surrey, Kent and Essex via same-day Mac repairs and emergency Apple Mac call out services. Our Apple technical support for Mac is available from 8:00am to 7:00pm daily on weekdays and selective hours on weekends.

We also specialise in fully managed Mac support for business with specialist Mac support needs, including 24 hour Mac response when operating outside of normal working hours but need ongoing support for peace of mind.

Your small business could benefit from our Apple IT experts to solve simple and complex technology challenges. Whether you are looking for onsite Mac repair in London or remote computer support, our team of IT experts are ready to help.

To get started, simply contact us today on 07951 878 703. Alternatively, send us your Mac IT support enquiry and one our engineers will get in touch shortly.

Our Apple MacOS specialists can fix and repair most Apple Mac operating systems software problems affecting your computer, including issues related to Mac OS Big Sur.

We can also provide Mac IT support for earlier Apple MacOS versions including Catalina, Mac OS Mojave, Mac OS High Sierra, Mac OS X El Capitan and others pre-dating these versions.

Which computer services or technology challenges would you like help with today?

View freqently asked for Business IT Support for your business IT services needs as requested by our clients. Let answers to these FAQs help you to address IT services requirements for effective decision making.

Yes. As well as delivering IT Support remotely, our engineers can visit your office to carry out periodic system maintenance and an ad-hoc services that resolve your technology challenges.

We can also provide onsite visits for on-demand project solutions and IT consultancy.

As an outsourced IT support customer, whenever your have an Apple Mac or Windows computer problem, you can contact us in the first instance to log a support ticket via our IT helpdesk portal. We can then schedule either an onsite visit or remote computer support session to quickly sort this out for you.

We've made it easy for you you to log your IT Support Ticket.

  • By telephone
  • By email
  • By clicking on the remote IT support tool on your PC or Apple Mac computer to generate a request notification.

Yes. Our qualified team of IT support engineers have extensive experience with Apple Mac support and Microsoft Windows computer repairs, so we are well able to address both hardware and software issues for business and home users.

Many of our clients have a mixture of Windows computers and Apple Mac devices within their home or busines environment. This means you can trust our expertise to provide professional computer support and resolve the technical IT issue at hand.

Yes, if you would like remote IT support via remote telephone support session or connection to your computer via the internet, we can help you via both service options. This means you can get Remote IT Support for hardware and software challenges anywhere in the world, with just a simple IT service enquiry and having an internet connection.

View Network Support frequently asked questions for hardware, software and security services  as requested by our clients. Let answers to these FAQs help you to address Network services requirements for effective decision making.

We offer a wide variety of network cabling services for home and office needs. Like most entrepreneurs and remote workers, you may be looking to install data cabling to work from  your home office or garden shed. office. We can help you with all aspects fo your network cable installation for cat5, cat6 or cat 7 network setup. Whatever your specific network cable installation needs, simply call us now on 07951 878 703 for help.

View freqently asked for IT Consultancy and technology solutions or strategies as requested by our clients. Let answers to these FAQs help to address your IT consulting requirements for effective decision making.

Yes we do. Solid Rock IT UK offers both on-site and remote support Services for our business and home users. If you have a Windows computer or Mac related issue and need assistance via Remote Support, simply call us today on 07951 878 703 to discuss the details of your specific requirements.

Yes, we offer cloud solution consultancy that can assess your readiness for cloud migration and help your business implement the necessary cut-over strategies based on industry wide cloud adoption framework.

Yes. We have partnered with 3CX for VOIP phone services and our engineers have the exoertise to help you scope, source VOIP handsets and implement the necessary infrastructure and Voice Over IP solutions for your business.

View freqently asked for Wireless Networking as requested by our clients. Let answers to these FAQs help to address your whole home wireless and connectivity requirements for effective IT environment operations.

Choosing an ideal location for your router is a good start for basic WIFI improvement as this enable devices that are near to easily connect to it. Installing Wi-Fi boosters can also help for smaller dwellings where wireless improvement is needed. A basic repeater-like powerline adapter can be installed for better signal coverage.

For a more robust wireless network setup with capability to support multiple high-demanding devices connected at the same time, having a specialist wireless network installation is your best option. Our team of expert WIFI installers can conduct a wireless site survey, design your network solution and provide bespoke WiFi installation for your home or business environment.

We provide specialist wireless network troubleshooting and emergency WiFi support for unexpected connectivity challenges and long-standing wireless dead spot problems.

Our WiFi network specialist engineers can troubleshoot and resolve underlying home network, business broadband and wireless network connectivity problems. We can also upgrade your WiFi network and remove obsolete hardware that causes slow WiFi performance. 

Frequently asked questions about data recovery along with quick answers to help you take the next steps towards getting your lost data back.

Yes, in most cases we can recover your data, depending on the extent of damage to your storage media.

We also offer data backup solutions and as well as advice on how to mitigate the risk of data loss.

In most cases, we can recover date from mechanial hard drives with clicking or beeping noise. The quicker the issue is identified and you stop using the drive, the better the chances of getting your lost data back. 

Common signs of hard drive mechanical failures are strange noises such as clicking, buzzing, ticking or grinding sound coming from your storage device.

Since hard drives have a moving or rotating disc then it is important for you to stop using it immediately and seek professional assistance. Trying to self troubleshoot a faulty hard drive can result in undesireable outcomes that could otherwise be avoided.

Clicking noise is common in both the 2.5 inches and 3.5 inches hard drives. The good news is that Solid Rock IT UK data recovery services is available to help business and homes in London and surrounding areas - simply get in touch today.

Data can be lost due to any number of deliberate and accidental circumstances. The largest contributing factor to data loss is hardware or system malfunction.

Based on our experiences it is seen that the biggest data lost for our customers due hardware failures affects laptops, Apple Macs, portable hard drives and memory stocks. These storage media accounts for around 75% of all data recovery service request incidents.

Other reasons include software corruption on hard drives, computer viruses such as trojans, malware, dropping the drives, or unexpected power switch-offs. To a lesser extent, natural disasters such as fire and water damage have been less common data recovery contributors.

Have you lost data recentlyt and if so, what did you do to get your files back?

To get professioanl data recovery in London, simply contact Solid Rock IT UK today.

Depending on the nature of your hard drive issue, some data recovery can be carried out on the same day. In other cases, where the drive failure is more extensive, this could take more than a day to successfully recovery your lost data.

We offer several data recovery service options available, including emergency data recovery service with quick turnaround time. To discuss your specific data recovery requirements simply get in touch for more information.

Data recovery software is designed to perform intensive search of your drive in an attempt to locate lost data and make them recoverable. Most software

Some data recovery applications are very good for corrupted media recovery but not where a hard drive or USB storage had physical issues.

We've seen scenarios where customers have used software programs to successfully recover all of their lost data with guidnace from us via remote support services.

Finally, a good data recovery program should provide you with preview of the recovered files dataset,as well as support filtering and search results features so file can be easily restored when you need to get lost data back.

Remote support for business and home PC and Mac users with secure connections to you to your computer via the internet. Quick IT help when working from hoome with services available in the evenings and weekends.

To start remote IT support, simply send us your computer services enquiry via email, or call us now on 07951 878 703 where we'll be able to schedule your session with you.

We use a variety remote support tools which enable our IT support representative to connect to securely to you remote computer and address software and hardware issues.

Our remote support services provides you with on-demand IT help within the compfort of your business or home.

Remote IT support provide you with quick and secure connectivity whenever an IT issue arises with the capability to have this sorted within having to visit you onsite.

Once your support ticket has been raised, we will t We will always contact you before initiating a remote IT support session. This security measure enables you to to be certain that the request for secure connection is from our IT team and not from a fake source.

Pricing and payments for services and consultancy.

You can pay us by bank transfer, cash or PayPal. Payments made via PayPal will attract a transaction fee.

Not, not all IT Support services and computer repairs are charged at hourly rates. We offer fxed prices for selective IT services where the problem is known, and hourly rates for others.

Payment will be required upon completion of all onsite computer services and IT consultancy appointments. Non-contract customers are required to process full payment for any invoice generated on the day of service and before our engineer leave site. 

Payments for remote IT support is required before starting your IT services session.

View Email Support freqently asked questions covering Apple Mac and Windows operating system platform requests by our clients.

BT Mail account can work with either options. There is no mandatory selection for this BT Yahoo email option as works well in some scenarios and not at different times. Choosing "Other mail account" seems to operate perfectly well for some customers when setting up BT Yahoo emails.

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