Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is rapidly becoming the common small business office phone system, with many now making use of features and simplicity that were once only privileged by large enterprises. Voice over IP enable cost-effective business telephone calls between communicating parties, using the internet as transmission medium, rather than traditional PSTN telephone lines.
VOIP main benefits includes measurable costs savings, flexibility to operate in multiple locations and use of the internet backbone for telephony and video based communications.
At Solid Rock IT UK, we are a VOIP solution provider specialising in a range internet protocol telephony services for businesses. Through strategic partnership with leading industry voice over IP suppliers, we can design and implement bespoke internet based voice over IP solutions with rapid deployment and measureable benefit realisation. We can migrate your existing business phone system to the cloud, allowing you to keep the same number and experience minimal downtime.
Here are some of the ways our VOIP solution can help your business phone system successfully transition to the cloud
  • You can keep existing phone numbers when migrating to VOIP.
  • VoIP solution can be designed use your internet connection for telephony and data
  • Voice and video calls via VOIP are secured end-to-end for peace of mind.
  • Benefit from scalable and feature-rich Hosted PBX service with approved voice over IP handsets
  • Naturally integrate VOIP system to operate alongside your network hardware and data communication systems
  • Access your VOIP solution from anywhere or integrate remote offices and home workers seamlessly

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