The Effects of Data Loss on Business Longevity

business continuity disaster recovery strategy

Data loss can be a major stigma for inconvenience, as it disrupts business function and personal productivity.

When important files and documents are lost, your business will likely dedicate serious resource, effort and time to recreate or recover this data.

This can cause a healthy business to go under quickly with serious outcomes if not carefully managed.

 Leveraging small business IT support in London can be an effective strategy for implementing data loss prevention solutions before things spiral out of control and impact business productivity and daily operations.

Data loss caused by storage media corruption, cyber attacks or virus infection can present serious problems to your business and may even affect the degree of customer trust for your brand. The extent of data loss can sometimes be difficult to determine and for many companies, this ultimately ends in detrimental longevity consequences, due high legal costs and unforeseen operational downtime.

How do you handle data recovery and business continuity in the face of unexpected disasters?

The longevity of most businesses revolves primarily around the availability and security of their data. Amongst all the transactions and daily operations that happen within a business, there is nothing more important than making sure that data collected over time is safe, secure and recoverable in the event of accidental information loss or system failure.

Statistics shows that approximately 72% of businesses who suffered a major data loss had to shut down within 24 months - that's pretty serious, right!

The use of modern storage media and solutions such as cloud-based storage, solid state drives, mobile phones and portable devices means that whilst data is made readily available on the move, the risk of attacks and compromise is real and tremendously higher. With most creative and high-end companies now using Apple computers, the need for Mac support in London has increased during the pandemic.


Why do companies need a disaster recovery solution?

Accidents can happen at any time and the business that is prepared will be the one to bounce back within the least possible downtime. Data recovery is a part of the plan that helps businesses get data back and resume normal operation, but this shouldn’t be the ultimate solution. Having a data contingency strategy in place is a more feasible solution that reduces the effects of data loss headaches after the security breach or drive failure has already happened.

With that said, some businesses are not able to deploy a disaster recovery solution due to cost implications and the lack of technical expertise to help with ongoing IT support and consultancy.

With the threats of cyber-attacks on the rise, it is no longer acceptable to operate on the assumption that having IT in place will thwart the effects of possible compromise. It is best to have a disaster recovery solution should be in place and preferably a London business IT support as your technical partner when needed.


Disasters are not the only ways a business can lose its data – other risks include:

  • Hardware Damage

Primary storage devices can get damage or the computer equipment fail to operate properly. Although there are data recovery solution available to salvage lost files from damaged media, the success rate is dependent on the degree of damage and the volume of data corruption impacts.

  • Cyber Attacks and Data Theft

Cybercrime and data theft is the most common cause for data loss due to the always-on internet connectivity the risk of computer compromise doesn't show any sign of cybersecurity risk reducing any time soon.

      • Targeted attacks are on the increased with sustained brute force tripled to achieve the intended compromise outcome.
      • 72 percent of businesses impacted by major data theft had to shut down within 24 months of the information loss.
      • 40 percent of data breaches were caused by external intrusions and malicious cyber-attacks.
      • In 2020 alone, 62 percent of data theft victims were small to mid-size businesses. Many of the affected companies had to pay out huge sums to recover from a single data breach


  • Hard Disk Corruption

Most data is stored on a hard drive of some kind. When these storage media are impacted by virus infection, hardware failure or data corruption, successful data recovery is not always immediate. In some cases, only partial data recovery is possible, which although better than nothing, may not be sufficient for business continuity.


  • Operating System Failure

Operating systems can fail at any time and there are no guarantee that a system that works fine for ages will continue without issues every day. Whether you use Windows, Mac OS or various flavours of Linux, the risk of operating system corruption is real and not one to be ignored.

At Solid Rock IT UK, we offer Data recovery and business continuity solutions to help you mitigate security risks and business downtime. Having IT support in London from us as your experienced service partner can help reduce operational downtime significantly. With most users working remotely, residential IT support is no longer a service for indivuals, it's now a commonplace requirement across industries.


What are your existing IT challenges around data backup, recovery and security compliance?

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