Important Cybersecurity Tips for Business and Home Computer Users

There is a sharp increase of UK-based phishing scams since the start of 2021, with scammers posing as HMRC, legitimate banks and delivery companies. Many of these scams are very subtle and to an unsuspecting person, could potentially cause significant harm to your computer system, livelihood, personal information or all of the above.

 The Looming Threats of Internet Scams

Many internet scams take place without the victim's knowledge. Scammers adopt cunning tactics to steal, wipe or lock access personal and business data.

Staying safe in these unprecedented times require you to exercise intentional vigilance and a higher sense of awareness so you are protected against the threats of these cybersecurity scams. Here are some tips on how to avoid targeted scams that often come as emails, text messages, phone calls or website links. 

5 Ways To Avoid Being Scammed by Cyber Criminals

  1. Only download apps from official platforms such as:
  • Apple iTunes
  • Android Marketplace
  • Google Play Store

2. Never send your personal information, such as your credit card details, passwords or confidential information in email replies or text messages. Legitimate companies will never ask for this.

3. Always think twice and question the legitimacy of every text messages and emails before responding. If in doubt, get in touch with the real message sender (not the attacker's message) or bank directly via their email address or phone number on their website.

4. Review your digital footprint and only list essential information that customers need to know while limiting details that could be useful for attackers.

5. Train and support staff on how to understand and manage the impacts of information sharing on them and your organisation.

6. Simply delete suspicious emails without opening or replying to them.


How to Report Suspicious Emails, Text Messages and Phone Calls

You can report suspicious phishing emails, text messages and phone call scams to the reputable company and government agencies so they can take appropriate steps to help you stay safe. Some common reporting options include:

  • HMRC
  • Your Bank
  • Delivery Companies
  • Action Fraud
  • Phone Provider - mobile and landlines

If you believe your Apple Mac or Windows computer has been compromised or suspect something is not quite right, avoid using any apps or accessing important files that require you to enter login details. Seek professional IT support quickly so you can get a full computer health check carried out on your system to verify everything is safe. Your network, hardware and computer applications should all be checked.

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