AWS Managed Services

Solid Rock IT UK provides AWS Managed Web Services for business who are looking to migrate to cloud or enhance their IT operation capabilities for accelerated business growth.

As part of our fully managed IT Services, we help our clients with ongoing strategic and tactical advisory consultancy that foster digital transformation improvements for your AWS solution.

Our IT consultants can work with you to improve your technology solutions and system beyond inline with its target configuration state. We work closely with you to ensure that AWS aligns to your business strategy and address business requirements.


What is Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud service platform offering cloud computing products and resources for IT infrastructure and architecture capabilities. Specialists business transformation capabilities includes content delivery, storage, compute power - bandwidth, databases, analytics, networking, mobile development, developer tools, management tools and Internet of Things (IoT).

AWS is designed to help businesses scale and grow without the need to own physical resources or waiting long time to acquire and utilise dynamic resources that are essential for business productivity and agile project deliverables.


Reduce IT Costs and Maximising Business Agility

With technology touching every facet of our business and personal lives, now is the time to start your cloud journey from on-premise IT Systems to the AWS cloud platform. Here at Solid Rock IT UK, we are here to help you do just that. To get started, simply get in touch and tell us about your business cloud requirements today.

Why Choose our IT Support Services?

We listen and work closely with you, our customers, in the spirit of partnership to understand and resolve their technology challenges quickly. Our technical expertise can add recurring value to your IT roadmap and IT consultancy needs. We're well positioned to help you with IT Support, cyber security and technology challenges within the comfort of your business or home with IT support services that London love.

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Benefits of Cloud Solutions

  • Cloud Solutions are Cost Effective Open or Close

    Businesses no longer have to purchase equipment and setup networks with significant spending to boost operational capabilities. Cloud solutions generate excellent return on investment within a short time, thereby reducing business overheads.

  • Cloud Solutions Promote Efficient Collaboration Open or Close

    The ability to communicate and share content and resources beyond the borders of traditional methods is a key benefit of cloud solutions. Interaction across multi-locations project environment within a cloud environment provide employees, contractors and third parties with ease of access to the same version of files and documents for increase productivity.

  • Cloud Solution Promote Business Continuity Open or Close

    Cloud solution help businesses protect their data and systems, with effective  strategies for business continuity planning. Data hosted in the cloud can offset impacts resulting from natural disasters, power failure and other unexpected crisis. Cloud solution promote quick data access and the ability to resume business with minimal downtime and loss of productivity.

  • Having Cloud Solution Promote Business Scalability Open or Close

    With cloud solutions, businesses can scale up or scale down storage capacity quickly to meet immediate demands and short term needs, with greater control over usage and flexibility to respond to change. Cloud solution enable you to focus on running your business.

  • Cloud Solutions Facilitate Mergers & Acquisition Timescales Open or Close

    Mergers between companies can be greatly enhanced by cloud solutions with data and system changes being much faster and efficient. Prior to cloud solutions, any M&A activities could run into long duration for application migration and decommissioning activities.

Start Your Cloud Solutions Journey

Our cloud experts and project managers are highly experienced in cloud solutions scoping, design, deployment and ongoing maintenance that minimise business operational downtime and compliance risks. Send us your cloud enquiry by completing the form below